Tech Issues

If your having technical issues, then the first step is to uninstall and reinstall MPMM on your PC. This way, you're using a fresh version. If you would like to save your current methodology then please go to 'Tools' in the menu toolbar in MPMM and click 'Backup Content' and save it to somewhere you will remember. To 'Restore' it at the end of the 3 steps below, go to 'Tools' and select 'Restore Content'.

Here's how to do it in 3 simple steps:

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  1. If you currently have MPMM open, please close it now.
  2. Open this link ( in your browser and click "Save" to save the file to a folder on your PC (make sure you remember the folder you're saving it to). Go to the folder on your PC that you have saved the file to. Then right mouse click on the file "MPMMCleanUp" and select "Run as administrator". Select "Run" if prompted. Then select "Start" to remove MPMM from your PC. Note: This means that you will lose any customizations you've made to date. Also note that even if you have previously removed MPMM from your PC yourself, you still need to complete this step before you reinstall MPMM on your PC.
  3. Re-install MPMM on your PC. Enter the Serial number if you have one and reactivate the product. Here are the links to the relevant installers. Make sure to choose the correct one:
    MPMM Professional:
    MPMM Standard:
    MPMM Educational:
    MPMM Enterprise:

And if you need any help, then email us at