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Affiliate Program - Earnings

How much can I earn as an affiliate?

This scenario gives a practical example of earning thousands of dollars a month, as an affiliate:


Bob Jones goes ahead and signs up for the Affiliate Program. After completing the Application Form and adding links to his site, he is good to go. In his first three months, he earns these commissions:

Month No. Sales Average Sale % Commission $ Commission
1 5 $178 30% $267 USD
2 20 $178 30% $1,068 USD
3 50 $178 30% $2,670 USD

So how realistic is this?

For 2008 - 2009, our average sale is $178 USD, so the scenario provided above is realistic. If you work smart to forward visitors to us, then you'll earn healthy commissions.

What percent of traffic converts into sales?

Our ability to turn your visitors into real sales depends very much on the type of visitors you send us, as per the following table:

Type of Potential Buyers No. Potential Buyers Conversion Rate No. Sales Average Sale Commission
Project Managers 1000 2.00% 20 $178 $1,068
Business Consultants 1000 1.80% 18 $178 $961
Project Management Students 1000 1.50% 15 $178 $801
Business Managers 1000 1.00% 10 $178 $534
Business Trainers 1000 0.80% 8 $178 $427
General Students 1000 0.10% 1 $178 $53
General Public 1000 0.01% 0.1 $178 $5

So let's take an example using the above table. If you forward us 1000 Project Managers, then we will usually convert 2% into sales. And 2% of 1000 = 20 sales times $178/sale times 30% commission = $1,068 USD. Just to recap, if you forward 1000 Project Managers to our website, then you could earn $1,068 in sales commissions which is $1.06 USD for each person you've forwarded*.

How to earn large commissions

There are two ways to earn large commissions:

  1. Direct large amounts of project management traffic to our website
  2. Sell licenses directly to companies, as part of the Reseller Program

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Or see our FAQs page for further details.

*Note. The rates and sales figures listed may change over time. We cannot predict, commit to or guarantee your potential earnings as this depends greatly on the market.