Product Installation and Activationt

Product Installation

As MPMMTM is available for immediate download, we have done everything possible to make sure that your download and installation is as efficient as possible.

So that you know what to expect during the download process, we have described below the steps taken to download and install any MPMMTM product onto your work or home PC. If you have any further questions, then please email us at

step 1

Purchase MPMMTM

The first step is to make your MPMMTM purchase. We have 3 MPMM Editions available for purchase:

After viewing the comparison between each edition and making your selection, please proceed to the shopping cart by selecting the "Buy" button on any MPMM Products page. You will then be able to choose from one of a number of different payment options and you will proceed through to the download page to download your product.

step 2

Download MPMMTM

On arrival at the download page, you will be able to immediately download the product purchased to your PC (see system requirements).

During this time, you will be given the option of saving the installation files into a PC folder of your choice.

step 3

Install MPMMTM

After downloading MPMM, it will automatically install on your PC. We suggest that you save and close all Windows applications before installing MPMM.

Having now installed MPMM on your PC, the application will automatically load, allowing you to either activate the product immediately or temporarily by-pass product activation and use MPMMTM immediately for your project. See product activation.