Multi-User Licenses for our Software

Multi-User Edition & Licenses

What is the multi-user edition?

When you purchase multiple licenses to MPMM Professional, we can offer you a special edition of the software (for no extra charge) that allows you to share your methodologies with licensed colleagues. In this way, your entire team can access your methodologies from a central location.

So how does it work? As part of the installation process, you simply choose to install your database on a server or file folder that everyone in your team has access to. Then when your colleagues install MPMM, they can choose to connect to this database, so that they can share content with you. It's that easy!

What is a multi-user license?

A multi-user license is simply a license for more than one person to use the product. It is usually issued to a team, a company or group of individuals wishing to gain the benefits of buying multiple licenses at the same time.

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When should I buy one?

If you wish multiple staff or peers to access MPMM across multiple PCs, then purchasing a multi-user license will be the most economic way to go. For instance, a multi-user license is suitable for:

  • Project Managers and Senior Managers wanting their teams to use MPMM
  • Consultants wanting to install MPMM in multiple client environments
  • Trainers wanting to teach MPMM on classroom PCs
  • Lecturers wanting to install MPMM in a computer lab
  • Students wanting to save money, by purchasing as a group

What are the benefits?

  • They allow more than one person to use the product
  • They are licensed to a Company, team or group, rather than an individual
  • The price per user reduces dramatically, depending on the number of licenses required.
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