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If you want to advance your Project Management knowledge, then MPMM™ is for you.

Simply download the product to your PC and use it to discover more about project management in your own time. It's the ultimate in online project management course tools, as it includes an entire project management course PLUS you can use it to run projects.

Learn Project Management

Whether you're a novice or an expert, MPMM will help you learn project management at a more advanced level. It includes 1000+ content pages, charts, tables and practical examples which explain how to manage projects.

And it's based on the worldwide project management standards, so it offers best practice methods for learning how to deliver projects successfully. MPMM helps you to:

  • Learn project management in your own time
  • Improve your project management knowledge
  • Gain a high degree of project management proficiency
  • Complete project management courses
  • Gain project management qualifications

Improve your Project Delivery

As well as giving you the ultimate online project management course solution, it also helps you to manage live projects. As a Project Manager, MPMM gives you all of the processes, methods and tools you need to successfully deliver a project from end-to-end.

It also includes the complete set of project management templates, to help you to create project deliverables faster than before. In addition to being a learning tool, MPMM helps you to:

  • Create project deliverables quickly
  • Manage projects of any size and in any industry
  • Deliver projects on time and within budget
  • Improve your project delivery rate
  • Boost your project management success

The Complete Courses and Learning Toolset

If you want to become more proficient in project management as well as put into practice what you've learned, then MPMM is perfect. It offers you the complete PM course toolset, by including:

  • Learning

     - Every activity in the Project Life Cycle is described in depth, helping you quickly learn the project management discipline to an advanced level.
  • Knowledge

     - MPMM™ describes how to complete every project activity, who should complete it and by when.
  • Topics

     - All of the 20 critical project activities and 9 core project processes are fully described within MPMM. You can pick and choose the topic you wish to learn about, depending on your particular need on the day.
  • Tools

     - It includes all of the processes, methods, tools and templates needed to manage a project from end-to-end. This allows you to implement what you have learned, thereby completing your project management training.

So if you want to advance your Project Management knowledge, then select your MPMM edition below...

MPMM Educational

Educational Edition

This version of MPMMTM describes the Project Life Cycle by defining each project phase, activity and task in depth. Trainees and students will gain a high degree of proficiency in project management, by using this comprehensive learning solution.

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MPMM Standard

Standard Edition

This edition offers trainees and students the complete project management course solution, by also including the entire suite of templates, forms and checklists needed to deliver projects quickly and efficiently.

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"I'm very excited about this product, as an instructor in Project Management. It's a great tool for learning and teaching project management."

Karl Hogquist,
Adjunct Professor

DeVry University, California