Project Management Templates

Project Management Templates

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MPMM™ includes all of the

Project Management Templates

you need to manage successful projects.

This comprehensive set of templates, forms, processes and checklists will save you time and effort when creating project deliverables. They also help you work smart, by giving you a head start.

Templates Save you Time and Effort

These project management templates save you time and effort, as you never have to create project deliverables from scratch. Whether you need to create a business case, control change or manage risk, the Template Toolkit included within MPMM will help you do it quickly and efficiently.

MPMM includes the following sets of templates, to help you manage projects:

  • Project Initiation Templates
  • Project Planning Templates
  • Project Execution Templates
  • Project Closure Templates
  • Risk Management Templates
  • Change Management Templates
  • Quality Management Templates
  • Cost Management Templates
  • Issue Management Templates
  • Time Management Templates
  • Procurement Management Templates
  • Acceptance Management Templates
  • Communications Management Templates

Hundreds of practical real-life examples, charts, tables, hints and tips are also included. By using these project management templates, your projects will benefit from:

  • Less time and effort spent
  • Increased cost savings
  • Reduced projects risks
  • Fewer changes and less issues
  • Improved deliverable quality
  • More efficient monitoring
  • Improved project tendering
  • Closer control of delivery
  • Better supplier management
  • Higher performing staff
  • Greater project success
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Initiation Templates

MPMMTM includes project management templates which help you initiate projects by defining the business case, undertaking a feasibility study, completing a project charter, recruiting the project team and setting up a Project Office. The following initiation templates are included:

  • Business Case
  • Feasibility Study
  • Project Charter
  • Job Description
  • Project Office Checklist
  • Phase Review Form

Planning Templates

After defining the project and appointing the project team, you're ready to enter the detailed Project Planning phase. This involves creating a suite of planning documents to help guide your team through the Project Life Cycle. The following Planning project management templates are included:

  • Project Plan
  • Resource Plan
  • Financial Plan
  • Quality Plan
  • Risk Plan
  • Acceptance Plan
  • Communications Plan
  • Procurement Plan
  • Tender Management Process
  • Statement of Work
  • Request for Information
  • Request for Proposal
  • Supplier Contract
  • Tender Register
  • Phase Review Form

Execution Templates

Execution is the phase within which the deliverables are physically built and presented to the customer for final acceptance. While each deliverable is being constructed, a suite of management processes are undertaken to monitor and control the deliverables being output by the project. These processes include managing time, cost, quality, change, risks, issues, suppliers, customers and communication. The following Execution project management templates are included to help you to execute projects successfully:

  • Time Management Process
  • Timesheet Form
  • Timesheet Register
  • Cost Management Process
  • Expense Form
  • Expense Register
  • Quality Management Process
  • Quality Review Form
  • Quality Register
  • Change Management Process
  • Change Request Form
  • Change Register
  • Risk Management Process
  • Risk Form
  • Risk Register
  • Issue Management Process
  • Issue Form
  • Issue Register
  • Procurement Management Process
  • Purchase Order Form
  • Procurement Register
  • Acceptance Management Process
  • Acceptance Form
  • Acceptance Register
  • Communications Process
  • Project Status Report
  • Communications Register
  • Phase Review Form

Closure Templates

Project Closure involves releasing the final deliverables to the customer, handing over project documentation to the business, terminating supplier contracts, releasing project resources and communicating project closure to all stakeholders. The last remaining step is to undertake a Post Implementation Review to identify the level of project success and note any lessons learned for future projects. To help you through these critical closure steps, MPMM provides the following comprehensive document templates:

  • Project Closure Report
  • Post Implementation Review
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