How the Reseller Program Works

Reseller Program - How it works

You can become an MPMM® Certified Reseller in 3 simple steps:

step 1


First, read the Reseller FAQs and Reseller Agreement. Then complete the Application Form to apply to join the Reseller Program. The information on the Application Form is used to determine your suitability for joining the program and to set you up in our Reseller System.

By showing us that you genuinely want to resell MPMM licenses to your clients and that you already have an existing client base to sell to, then we will approve your application swiftly.

step 2

Add Logo

After you have been approved, you must add the MPMM® logo link below to your website, to identify yourself as a reseller. Enter your Reseller ID in the field below and click the Update button, to add your Reseller ID to the logo link before uploading to your site. You will then earn a 30% commission on sales generated through traffic from your site, as well as the 30% commission on sales you make manually.

Project Management Methodology
Reseller ID: UPDATE

step 3

Start Selling

You can then start reselling MPMM licenses to your customers. You can do this by simply talking with your customers about the benefits of purchasing MPMM, and then offering them your coupon code which gives them a 10% discount when entered into our shopping cart. By using the coupon code, the sale is tracked against your reseller account and you will earn a 30% commission on the sale.

And that's it. By completing these steps, you could become a Certified Reseller in just 48 hours from now! Take the first steps by reading the ...

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If you have any questions about the reseller program then please email